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Give that perfect look to your plants and save them from harsh weather conditions by giving them crown reduction. As the name suggests, crown reduction involves trimming the crown to a specified size. If you find your tree growing shapeless or larger than the space it must occupy, removing a portion of smaller branches will aid in bringing it back to shape for a healthier appearance.

Tree Cuts experts recommend crown reduction as a last resort due to the strain it adds to the trees. The process is carried out by a trained crew, using top-notch equipment and following all requirements for health and safety. Professionals must carry out the procedure, as a wrong cut can damage the plant. We treat trees with love and care and always do what is best for preserving them.

Crown Reductions Manchester Cheshire

 Benefits of Crown reduction

Attend your trees regularly to see what they require for a healthier life. When branches of the trees die, they pose risks to the trees, your family, and your property if they stay attached for a long time. Our capable arborist cut down such branches with techniques and right cuts so as not to damage the plants.

Crown reduction allows more sunlight to pass through and causes the tree to yield more fruits. It improves the looks of your home’s exterior.

 When Is Crown Reduction Needed?

Trees need care and regular maintenance to thrive. Several factors must be considered to decide if it’s essential. The most common reason is that a tree has grown too large. The hanging branches and massive crown are shadowing over the house, preventing the light from entering.

Another critical factor is the danger of the large branches breaking during stormy winds. Clients often request a crown reduction to enhance the aesthetics of their outdoor spaces, as undoubtedly overgrown trees look untidy.

 The Right Time for Crown Reduction

As the weather changes, the appearance and needs of the trees change with them. Winters are most appropriate for chopping the crown when the leaves are shed. Though, some plants can only be trimmed with leaves on.

Why would you do Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is one of the pruning methods with various benefits. It is also known as drop crotch pruning. The frequency of performing it depends on the tree species, growth rate, and growing conditions. It can be done bi-annually, annually, or every couple of years during the winter season or early summer.

An estimated 20 percent of the tree’s live branches are cut to reduce its height or spread. The removal of the lateral branch redirects water and nutrients to a side branch to be taken as a lateral branch.

The overall crown area of the tips is trimmed, and the branches are shortened. The most extended segment of the branches is pruned to an existing one to lighten the weight of hazardous branches.

The tertiary branches of the tree canopy are cut to reduce density. The branches that wind into each other are removed systematically to avoid the growth of a “lion’s club.” A lion’s club can result in sun scalding, epicormic sprouting, and weak branch structure.

Why choose us as your tree surgeon speclaist?

Hire our capable arborists for excellent care of your plants. Our expert crew has essential tools to skillfully cut the branches for a minimal shock to the trees and the least impact. Preserve the aesthetics of your outdoors and connect with nature in a well-kept garden at home. 

Choosing the correct Tree Surgeon

The ecology is relying more and more on trees. However, this also places a heavy burden on us to care for them in every manner possible. And no one can manage this obligation alone. So, Tree Cut are the premier tree surgeon in Manchester and we're here to share your responsibility by providing our best tree services. With state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience, we make sure your trees remain healthy and beautiful for years to come. Just give us a call to avail of our services at your doorstep!

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